In 2013, I was first introduced to the Salesforce Platform.  I ended up helping the previous admin to clean up some dirty data and “fell” into the role in 2014.  There have been a lot of interesting lessons learned so far and the purpose for this blog is to share all of the tips and tricks that I’ve come to find along the way.

I also started developing on the Salesforce platform when I first started as an Administrator and have since created a few plugins for Visual Flow to help admins declaratively be able to do what would typically take APEX to accomplish.  That’s the real power of the platform, bridging the gap between developers and admins.

In Spring ’16, I became a Salesforce MVP and in 2021, I elected to join Salesforce and am now an MVP Alumnus.

Here’s some interesting things about me:

  • I speak French (fluently), Japanese (conversationally), and Spanish (conversationally).
  • I have studied abroad three times (France twice and Japan once).
  • I danced for twelve years.
  • I’m really bad at building things with my hands.  Ask me to build you a deck and it will be liable to collapse.  Build you something in Salesforce, I can do that.

I hope that you find the site useful and be sure to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Any opinions found within this blog are my own.