In the world of the Salesforce Administrator, it’s important that users are able to connect to the applications that interface with your system on a daily basis.  However, when was the last time that you checked which applications are connecting to Salesforce?  This is a section in Salesforce that I […]

Connected Apps

Having been someone who has spent a majority of his time at one organization refining skills, I can understand the swarm of feelings that you’re going to go through. I can understand the overwhelming excitement that you’ll feel, the fear of moving and being in a new environment and the […]

You’ve moved to a different org. Here’s what you should ...

building 1
If you haven’t seen the first part of Testing User Knowledge With Flow, I’d suggest that you look at it here: Part One.  Having a good understanding of the decisions that I made in setup and security will be important in understanding the flow and how it works. The beauty […]

Testing User Knowledge With Flow – Part Two: Let’s Build!

planning before building
Have you ever wanted to test your users’ understanding of certain concepts?  This can easily be done with flow, but before we get into the flow, we have to talk about our business requirements and how we can accommodate this in salesforce. The requirements the fictitious business Glorified Education made […]

Testing User Knowledge With Flow – Part One: Laying the ...

Users want to have consistency when they view records and what content will appear in them. It’s also important that you don’t have records that are all named the same thing, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of searching.  Imagine, what if you had 10 people named Jim in a room.  What you’d […]

The Importance Of Naming Things