I’ve managed to create quite a few process builder and flows for demonstrating concepts to the community or have had multiple drafts trying to get a flow to work.  Either way, if you have quite a few process builders or flows that you’d like to get rid of, this is […]

Deleting Lots of Old Flows / Process Builders

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened: I’ve been knee deep in Lightning / learning Lightning Components and development and have been working on an application that I am hoping to release very soon that I think will help the community (more to […]

The Salesforce Community: Why it matters to me

Do you ever find it hard to get a list of who has what permissions inside of Salesforce?  Don’t worry, I’ve been there.   There are several objects on the backend that can help you determine this information and, with a little excel magic, you’ll have great documentation or a […]

Who has what permissions?!

In the previous post on ANT, we learned how to retrieve components in bulk.  In this post, we’re going to learn how to retrieve specific metadata components and deploy them to an organization after removing them. First thing is first, please make sure that you’ve spun up a new developer […]

ANT Series – Getting Specific

ANT, versus other tools First of all, what is “ANT” (aka the force.com migration tool)?  ANT is a command line utility that allows for you to retrieve metadata or to deploy metadata to your organizations with ease.  So, you might be asking yourself, why would I want to use a […]

ANT Series – How do I get started?

Okay, so we all know that we need to keep versions of our quotes once they are a accepted or rejected, right?  How else are executives supposed to know how a sales rep went from a 10k deal to a 1M dollar deal, or vise versa? Obviously, the latter situation […]

Version Your Darn Quotes!

So you’ve just upgraded your version of Professional Edition to Enterprise or you’re hoping to do so in the near future. So what do you do now? One feature, one that’s very, very important to businesses today, is the ability to control who can do what.  For example, you want to […]

PE to EE: Creating a Profile

So I’m disappointed that Dreamforce is already over.  It was a blast though!   I have to say thank you to quite a few people who made this an exceptional experience for me:   The entire admin marketing team: Erin Ford LeeAnn Templeman Mike Gerholdt Kris Lande Sarah Franklin Gillian […]

Thoughts on DF15

Okay, who else has been #StruckByLightning?  It’s okay, raise your hand!  I got hit three times tonight.  Let me tell you about some of the awesome features that I found when doing the prerelease treasurehunt.   1. Assistant This was called the “Salesforce version of Jarvis” during the viewing party.  […]

Struck By Lightning

Treadmill 2
In this post I’m going to cover some tips to help you to get to a more happy and healthy org.  The first set of tips are on SOQL to help you check who has what permissions, moving into the more standard administrator org health checks through the user interface […]

Conducting An Org Health Check

Last year was my first year to Dreamforce.  I was so excited and enthused that my company had sent me.  I learned quite a few things and would love to pass them on to you before your Dreamforce arrives.   The Tactical & Practical 1. If you book a session, […]

21 Tips for Dreamforce

One of the things that Salesforce allows for managers to do is to see rich reports in  their subordinates work.  Well, what if it could be used to identify areas that need attention sooner and point out areas of success for celebration.  This post is aimed to do just that […]

Opportunity Reports For Managers of Managers