Thoughts on DF15

So I’m disappointed that Dreamforce is already over.  It was a blast though!   I have to say thank you to quite a few people who made this an exceptional experience for me:


The entire admin marketing team:

Erin Ford

LeeAnn Templeman

Mike Gerholdt

Kris Lande

Sarah Franklin

Gillian Madill

Your tireless efforts in making this experience a truly memorable one for admins is greatly appreciated.


The trailhead team:

Chris Duarte – Thank you for getting me the catter stickers.  That really made my day!

Adam Seligman

Trailhead is amazing through and through.  Keep up creating the amazing content!


Onto the really fun stuff!


1. Admin keynote

This was definitely the major highlight for me.  The fact that we not only had an entire day dedicated to those that bring the business process and the technology together in concert, but the fact that we had a keynote celebrating it was absolutely wonderful!  I’ll admit that there was a moment that I actually started to tear up.  It’s like what Nana Greg said to me when I met her at the Hilton: “I feel like I have found my tribe.”  Thank you to the admin team for bringing us together and celebrating us!


2. Killers / Foo Fighters Concert – AKA Dreamfest

It was great to be able to experience the concert and I really liked the new venue.  There was a light show in it that could not have been done at the civic center.  That being said, it was almost impossible to make it to the front of either stage.  It would’ve been great to have gotten there to see the amazing bands up close and personal.  Maybe next year!


3. Selfies!

Oh boy, did I take “selfies” with some great people!


Bill Takacs – the PM for flow & Shelly Erceg – the PM for process builder





Mary Scotton – a tireless advocate for diversity in technology and developer evangelist & fellow flying solo member Christina Moore (though this year, I wasn’t officially “flyin’ solo,”  I can still appreciate all that they do!)




Mike GerholdtThe button click admin!



The amazing study group session leaders for the Salesforce Certification Study Group.



  There are really so many more and too many to mention. I’m glad that I got to meet so many amazing individuals during this trip  

4. Opportunities for giving back!

There were so many opportunities to give back with #DFGives.  I started off the week by donating books that sparked my imagination when I was younger.   I’m hoping that it does the same for whomever receives them.  I ended up giving, the one, the only, Harry Potter  book series. dfGives      

I also volunteered twice in the #AdminLodge.  Once at the process automation booth and the other at the coding for admins booth.  I thought that this was a wonderful way to learn about other admins from a range of backgrounds, some that had just started using the platform to those that are experienced. It also was good chance to hear about some use cases and help show how process builder or flow could help, as well as turning a few admins to code.    


5. Doing a few presentations

I was in two presentations this year.  It was an opportunity that I don’t think that I will ever forget.    

The Business of Flow – Point and Click Workflow Applications 

 In this session, I joined the amazing Bill Takacs from Salesforce and Rich Englehard from Veltig Consulting.  We talked about real use cases for flow and how it can be applied in businesses.  I did a presentation on surveys exposed through sites.  Some of the attendees asked for a package.  Please be sure to check back in the downloads section of the site for it to be posted at a later date.  

Marketing Effectively to Drive Adoption and Compliance Using Flow

Jayvin Arora and I spoke about how login flows can be used as a means to present end users with information in order to tailor communication to our end users and drive specific behaviors.  The unmanaged package for this is available currently here.    


6. CertificationsSalesforce Certified  Platform App Builder_RGBcert_admin_adv_rgb

I received two certifications Friday at Dreamforce, the App Builder Transition Exam and the Advanced Admin.   This made Friday great but also saved a little bit of money.  If you can take your certification at Dreamforce, do so!  Now…  Service Cloud and Platform Dev II, here I come!        


7. Headshots!

The headshots were back again!  Time to update my community profile picture! If you took yours this year, you can get yours by going to @BellaLu‘s twitter page.               jdohnPic3 (3)

The end came too soon…

There was a lot of running around this dreamforce and I met so many amazing people with powerful stories.  To me, it is amazing that this conference of 150k+ individuals can come together once a year to collaborate and innovate.  That’s the true value of dreamforce and I will definitely be coming again next year!    

P.S. Lookout, apparently Lauren Jordan came up with a game of eye-spy – “Where’s Jeremiah @ Dreamforce.”  See if you can find me next year!  

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