Struck By Lightning

Okay, who else has been #StruckByLightning?  It’s okay, raise your hand!  I got hit three times tonight.  Let me tell you about some of the awesome features that I found when doing the prerelease treasurehunt.


1. Assistant

This was called the “Salesforce version of Jarvis” during the viewing party.  It it pretty accurate.  This feature tells you when your opps haven’t been touched.  It tells you when your tasks are due / overdue.  It is your virtual assistant.



2. Kanban boards for sales

If you’ve ever used these for moving tasks from one category to another, you know that it’s a lifesaver and it’s very agile. Now we can give our sales people the same agility we have in the tech realm.


Guess what, see that little caution icon?  Hover over it and it will give you some context to guide your sales user to do activity you want them to do (for example, not having any activities on the opp…. get that exercise going!).




3. I can filter my list views?

‘Nuff said.



4. Add a new contact / lead / account from a related record?

Yep.  You can do that.  A HUGGGGGGGE time saver.



5. Reports and dashboards! Oh Reports and Dashboards!


They are just so beautiful!  On your reports, you can change your filters with the click of a button and hit apply.  Boom!  Instant change in results!

Oh, did I mention that there is a drag and drop interface?  You can resize the components and have your component span the entire screen or just one tiny tiny block.


Oh and your opp reports have the total amount on the top if they are grouped.  That’s pretty schweeet!




6. Opp Processes and Lead Processes

Walk your reps through converting a lead or winning an opportunity on your desktop! Yes!  Want to go straight to converted or closed won?  Click that blue button to the right and you’re good to go!




Onto the practical


So now you’re asking yourself, how do I get this awesome thing into my org?  Well if you’re like me, you know that you have to expose a few people to it before you release.  You can create a permission set and expose it to your users.

1. Refresh your sandbox so that it is before the release window!  If not, show them a pre-release org, but having data that’s meaningful to them immediately makes it easier to see the context.  That’s my plan anyway.  Standard profiles have it automatically enabled.  But!  Don’t panic, you can switch in and out of it easily enough!




2. Make sure that your governance board and your team knows about the change.  I showed it to my team during the pre-release launch last week and their jaws dropped.

3. TrailheadChris Duarte and the amazing trailhead team just released a whole bunch of new trailhead badges!  I’m going to get mine soon and I hope you do too!

4. Explore!!!! This is the best part!  Who doesn’t love a new toy to play with!  Get out and have an adventure!  This is a game changer!  Treat it like one!


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