Data Quality – #ItsBetterInLightning

One thing that all administrators want to know is what is the quality of their data.  How well are contacts populated? How well are accounts populated?  Well, look no further!  Following these steps and custom fields, you too can know how to make this amazing lightning page!

Notice on the right that it says that there is a contact that needs to be reviewed?  You’ll notice that Lauren Boyle is missing her email.  If you drill into the report, you will see exactly which contacts have offending data.  The best part? The report filters automatically to just those records that are related to this account missing data!

So you might be wondering, how do I make this awesome report?  The answer is custom formula fields!

Here are the fields that I created:


IF(Email=””, “No”, “Yes”)


IF( OR(TEXT(Salutation)=””, FirstName=””, LastName=””), “No”, “Yes”)


IF(Phone=””, “No”, “Yes”)


IF(Title=””, “No”,”Yes”)

You might be asking yourself, why did you break down each of these fields specifically?  Well, this is because when I run a report, I’d like to know which specific attribute on the contact is attributing to poor data quality!

Then, I create a scoring mechanism with ContactValidity:

CASE(HasEmail__c,”Yes”, 1, 0) +
Case( HasFullName__c, “Yes”, 1, 0) +
Case( HasPhone__c,”Yes”, 1, 0) +
Case( HasTitle__c,”Yes”, 1, 0)

If certain attributes are more important than others, you can add weighting here!

Lastly, I make this human readable with ContactValidityDash:

CASE( ContactValidity__c, 4, “Criteria Populated”, 2-3, “Criteria Partially Populated”, “Needs Review”)

Put the contact validity dash field as the grouped by field in your report that you make and the last step is to add your report chart to filter to this specific account in lightning:

And you’re done!  Now, this won’t check if the data in the field itself is junk, but it will give you insight at least into how much of your database is missing particular datapoints.  Group it all into a dashboard for overall insight!

This mechanism is very similar to what the Salesforce Appexchange Data Quality Dashboards produce for you. I highly suggest installing this package in your org and then modifying these fields to meet your needs!

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