As an admin, we check a lot of boxes on the profile and permission set user interfaces. It can be daunting for admins of large organizations with lots of profiles or permission sets. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could update / insert Field Permissions, Object Permissions, Custom Permissions, App […]

Mass Update Profiles with Dataloader

One thing that all administrators want to know is what is the quality of their data.  How well are contacts populated? How well are accounts populated?  Well, look no further!  Following these steps and custom fields, you too can know how to make this amazing lightning page! Notice on the […]

Data Quality – #ItsBetterInLightning

I really like that component visibility has been added to Lightning components, but it has its drawbacks, or rather, had its drawbacks. How many times have you tried to make a component for just managers or a subset of users and your filters end up looking like this? The limit […]

My Favorite Winter 19 Feature – Lightning & Custom Permissions

Update: With Spring ’18, there is a new feature that will allow for taking advantage of mass checking records that meet duplicate criteria and for duplicate record set management.  For more information, check out the release notes! https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/spring18/release-notes/rn_sales_data_quality_duplicate_jobs.htm So you’re excited to take advantage of the new duplicate management features, […]

Cleaning Data – Getting Duplicate Rules Active (when failing activation)

Last year in 2016, I had the pleasure of asking Marc Benioff about the my perceived disconnect from Product Management and its broader user base.  I mentioned how I felt that as MVPs we had an opportunity to contribute more to the community and that it felt as though our […]

Open Letter to Benioff, Parker Harris & PMs – Product ...

I had the pleasure of attending the first annual WITness Success conference and it was the most rewarding and empowering conference I have attended. Not because it was about the technology, but because it was about the people behind the technology.  It was about their experiences in technology as an […]

WITness Success: What it means to be an ally

NOTE: As of Winter ’18, API v41, all components below are available with the standard lightning:dynamicIcon component. This post will continue to exist should anyone need to reference for making their own SVGs.   With the addition of the new Lightning:icon components, it’s great for being able to easily add the […]

Dynamic Icons in Lightning Components

I felt like I needed to add a little pizazz to some of my components.  I do this using CSS3 animations.  The below is an example of how I did just that.  Now, a quick disclaimer, a lot of this is hardcoded but I could refactor it to make it […]

Animation in components – HTML, CSS & Javascript

Recently, a community member asked how is one able to reference the current running user for replacing a report quick link in classic to be available for lightning. This post sets out to answer that. The nitty gritty, there is not a User Global Variable, e.x. {$User.Id}, in Lightning components […]

Quick Links in Lightning – Referencing the Current User

Someone in the community was asking if there was a way in Salesforce Lightning Experience to display a report via a URL Parameter, using the new feature – Filter Reports via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience – added with Spring ’17 release.  We were able to easily meet the requirement for posting […]

URL “Hacks” as Buttons in Lightning Experience

For developers, we all know that it is not very good to keep our passwords, usernames, and security tokens in a plain text file, yet the sample provided by Salesforce in the force.com migration tool does this.  I was looking for a better way.  I have a few but ultimately, […]

Authentication Into ANT

After needing a list of permissions and what permissions they enabled, I set out to do some javascript hackery, some powershelling and got an output.  A few hours of work (instead of clicking and seeing what changed, since that wouldn’t be annoying…) produced the below. Note: If you try to […]

What user permissions are dependent upon each other?