Use Of HTML Email Plugin

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The following are acceptable inputs of the HTML Email plugin:

  • Target Object Id
    • Optional (but recommended)
    • This is the user, lead or contact which you are sending the email to

NOTE: Emails with Target Object Ids set to be an internal  user do not count against your email limit for the day.  Messages to external contacts or messages using BCC / CC functionality in this flow do count towards your limit.  Please keep this in mind when designing use around this plugin.

  • HTML Email Body
    • Required
    • This is the HTML Email text
  • Subject
    • Required
    • Email Subject
  • Other Emails (comma-separated)
    • Optional
    • Send to other emails outside of org
  • Sender Address
    • Optional
    • Change the sender address of the email, otherwise this will default to the current user
  • Sender Display Name
    • Optional
    • Set the display name of the sender
  • Priority
    • Optional
    • Set the email priority
      • Values: Highest, High, Normal, Low, Lowest
  • BCC & CC Email addresses (comma-separated)
    • Optional
    • BCC or CC email addresses (comma-separated)
  • Save As Activity
    • Optional
    • This will save the email as an activity on a contact or lead record
    • Accepted inputs are ‘true’ or ‘false’
  • OrgWideEmailAddress